You can read about past & future challenges in this section. Use the tabs on the Challenges menu to navigate through the different journeys I have undertaken and am planning in the near future.

I have completed a number of challenges in recent years and I’m planning new challenges for the upcoming year. First of all, I was set to attempt crossing the English Channel in a  Sea Kayak in the Summer of  2016. I had been training hard for this 26 mile paddle and am (still) looking forward to calm & settled conditions so I can commence on the journey when the weather allows. Summer 2015 saw a couple of attempts, the first was cancelled due to very rough seas and on another attempt, I was literally at the shoreline ready to go when Sea Fog meant I couldn’t see more than about 50 feet. The decision to cross is judged by the safety crew as their vessel, which supports me across the trip is also in jeopardy if the crossing takes place in changeable weather.  I will face this challenge again, when the weather is calm 😉

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In spring, 2015 I took part in the Taffy Dakar; a Motorcycle Navigation event in the heart of Wales, in aid of Charities. In Summer 2015 I also took part in the Paddy Dakar which was a great experience riding with some very talented cross country motorcyclists. The Dakar challenges are also orienteering challenges using maps, not GPS with way points to pass, so the added challenge of traditional navigation makes it that much more difficult. Fortunately, my experience with sailing navigation helps enormously.


I’ve also completed another long planned challenge this year.  Leeds – Liverpool canal. It’s a 127 miles long trip & passes through 91 locks with a summit level of 487 feet. That’s a lot of carrying the kayak from lock to lock ! As a civil engineer I also got the chance to admire and wonder at the amazing designs and construction of the locks and bridges along the way. Truly inspiring. The weather was warm, which you may think makes it easier, however warm weather can present it’s own challenges of overheating, fatigue and hydration! Here’s an article from the Runcorn & Widnes world about my Kayak adventures.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


Most exciting on the upcoming horizon is my planned adventure for 2016. I will be attempting to ride my Motorbike to the Arctic Circle. This will require some specialist training and kit so I’ll be getting ready in the months ahead and will be attempting to raise a significant amount for charity along the way.


In the Autumn of 2014, I rode my motorcycle with a small group of fellow adventures across the Pyrenees. This required lots of planning / practice and was an exciting, if different type of journey from my usual water based adventures. The trip was epic, taking in the mountains and desert with vultures flying overhead, eventually ending up on the beautifully sandy dunes of the North East Coast of Spain.

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